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Premium Cork Handbags

Handcrafted in Portugal

An eco-friendly alternative to leather and plastic-based handbags. 

Cork trees are stripped not cut down during harvesting, absorbing up to 5x more carbon dioxide as the cork regenerates.  

It feels better 

Buying better

~ 1 handbag purchased = 1 cork tree planted ~

We Plant Trees!

Sustainability is more than using a natural material, it's about leaving something behind for future generations.

Expanding Ecosystems

Home to endangered species and high levels of biodiversity, the cork industry contributes to the maintenance of cork oak forests. 

Supporting People

When purchasing a KOBI handbag you are supporting those who harvest the cork to the artisans who handcraft our bags in a small town in Portugal.

Best sellers

~ Handcrafted from Portuguese cork stripped from trees at least 43 years old ~

What our customers say

How they're made

~ KOBI's cork handbags combine the traditional skills of Portuguese artisans with laser cut technology ~

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